Slide BRAND IDENTITY A picture is worth more than a thousand impressions. Potential customers should be able to take one look at your marketing material and see a reflection of the value you're offering. DESIGN The Graphic Design you are using is more important than you might think. Your Logo Design and overall look is the foundation of your brand's identity. It should be timeless yet unique. It set's the scene for the rest of your brand. PHOTOGRAPHY Professional photos and headshots are part of your brand identity. Make your brand cohesive on all fronts...including images. VIDEOGRAPHY Video marketing can be one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools out there. Eight-five percent of all internet users watch online videos monthly.


 What you see isn’t always what you get. Too many companies have a great product or service…but settle when it comes to brand identity. Why work so hard to build the best business you can only to have people dismiss you because your brand looks shallow?


You don’t have to look far to know that emotions play into reaching your audience – Folgers at Christmas, Budweiser every Super Bowl season, and of course all ASPCA commercials. Emotions play a big part of that touch that will bring potential clients to your door.


One of the “touches” your customers must experience is physical. Keep your business at the forefront of their mind through events and even partnerships. You want to them to know you inside and out so you garner trust and loyalty.